There are so many contradictions in life. People say “enjoy your life, don’t worry about money, careers, do what your want to do.” More conventional people say that I need to grow up and plan for the future. Get a real job, save for retirement, maybe have some financial investments. But there is never really an in-between option, because they are so drastically contrasting. These two ways of thinking are flat out opposites. Only the very fortunate can accomplish both. But there must be someway, right?  I feel like I am taking an actual lifetime to figure out how.




I found this poem(?) , little note, not sure what to call, it in a book once. Of course I Have no record of what its called or where exactly I found it. All I have are the author’s initials.

Find someone who traces the lines in your hands just to feel close to you, and someone who believes the ocean is trapped in your eyes. 

Find someone who loves the bones in your body and loves the skin you live in. Find someone who will help you love yourself. 



I wrote this a long while ago, and just recently found it. 


We cry for things that in comparison to other things seem so miniscule. All those times being sad about relationships failed, money or general disappointments are put in perspective.

Hard to grasp that the world keeps going, moving forward when tragedy strikes. People keep working, smiling, laughing, crying, while in my eyes its as if the world has stopped.

How do you say good-bye? What do you say? How do you move on knowing that person is only going to be in your memories and not in your physical world.


I wrote this almost 12 years ago, when my mom had past. Finding this has once again reminded me of how to keep life and values in perspective. 


Movies and Life

I don’t watch movies often but when I do, I am very selective about what I watch. I can safely say that if I am watching a movie with someone the majority of the time the other person will veto my choice. Big hype Hollywood movies don’t have much appeal to me. I always feel let down at the end, because most of the time they are just lining the movie up to have at least one sequel.  But I wouldn’t call myself a movie snob either. I just know what I like. Indie, Foreign, B-Movies. Usually something about a person who is an underdog or loser and comes out winning. Or something obscure and vague or strange storyline that makes me feel like I should be living in a different time or place.

I just watched Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist tonight, for probably the 10th time. I love the music in it, the vibe of it; makes me miss the days of the Saturday night mission. Out in the city, looking for the best party, and meeting people in the process. It feels like an era of time, when technology was changing quickly, and new music was abundant. The fun was searching for that music. Finding out about new bands on MySpace or on some obscure internet radio station. Making mix CDs for our nights out as we move from one party to another. Maybe thats it, the movie reminds me of myself in my 20s.

So here’s a list of some of my favourite movies: (not a complete list, but what I can think of off the top of my head)

  • Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • 200 Cigarettes
  • Singles220px-Infinite_playlist
  • Reality Bites
  • High Fidelity
  • A Dirty Shame
  • Clerks
  • Mallrats
  • All John Hughes’ movies
  • Say Anything
  • Empire Records
  • 24 Hour Party People
  • Swingers
  • Art School Confidential
  • Coffee and Cigarettes
  • The Little Death
  • Celeste and Jesse Forever
  • Drinking Buddies
  • Take this Waltz
  • Zach and Miri Make a Porno
  • Go
  • Can’t Hardly Wait
  • Party Monster
  • Young People Fucking
  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  • American History X
  • Secret Life of Pets
  • Shaun of the Dead

Want vs Need

This is one of my favourite articles. I couldn’t describe it better myself. No need for becoming one. Just be you and accept the other person, and make it work together. So simple, and true. A girl can dream. Its not about needing someone in your life, its about wanting someone to be part of it.


Watch Depeche Mode Cover David Bowie’s “Heroes” – Stereogum

Depeche Mode is actually the best.

Depeche Mode just kicked off the Global Spirit Tour in support of their new album Spirit. And last night, as Pitchfork reports, at their tour opener in Stockholm, the synthpop legends debuted a restrained cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes.” Watch below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1b_kuYWiZo

Source: Watch Depeche Mode Cover David Bowie’s “Heroes” – Stereogum

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